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You can predict the future

See what's happening on the ground across your portfolio every day

Multi-family asset management companies spend as much as 10% of rent on churn. And 70% of that turnover comes from dissatisfied tenants.

Yet, so many asset managers resort to reading tenant reviews, visiting properties, and reading between the lines of weekly reports to understand what's really going on, leaving them feeling out of control when it comes to risk. With ResiDesk, you know how all your units feel, year-round. It's like driving with a GPS - once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever navigated without it.

Asset Managers Are In Control with ResiDesk

📊 Unmatched real-time data and reporting

ResiDesk highlights what's actually going on in your portfolio in real-time. Using your communication data we highlight achievement and risk flags across your communities so you can see leading indicators of new leases, renewals and vacancy.

🤼 Proprietary Satisfaction Score

ResiDesk's new satisfaction score shows you how your portfolio compares to others, and helps you identify and manage trends.

📲 Watch Response Time Trends

Ensure your metrics are going in the right direction and see how fast response correlates with satisfied, renewed tenants.

⏰ Lead indicators of risks

Avoid surprises by identifying which units are most and least satisfied all the time, and head off disaster before it strikes.

Residents are more likely to renew

3.5x More Likely to Renew

Satisfied tenants are 3.5x more likely to renew their leases than those that are unsatisfied.

Bad service means lost revenue

70% of churn is poor service

Keeping a tenant is much less expensive than having to find a new one. 


60x Faster response

ResiDesk clients and their tenants achieve blazing  response times - 25 minutes vs 25 hours!