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Tenant Communication Mantters

Faster, Better Tenant Communications

Texting residents speeds response time

We know sometimes communication slows down in email. It falls in the junk filter, or just gets overlooked. Residents prefer text communications 3 to 1, plus you'll get much faster response.


  • Integrates with your existing property management system
  • Increases response speed by 60x 
  • Lets you communicate with all unit residents in a private group text
  • Helps you prioritize requests and collaborate with your team
Group texts

Simple Communications and Group Text

Want to lease that empty unit fast? Be the first community to respond to their inquiry and increase your chances. 


Automatically prioritize requests and messages

ResiDesk's artificial intelligence automatically places messages into buckets for new prospective and current tenants, and prioritizes them.

Conversation Insights

See trends and act fast to prevent problems 

With Conversation Insights, you'll be able to see trends in communications with a particular unit and head off problems before they happen.