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which of these tenants is shopping for a new apartment?

Which tenants will stay? Which will leave?

Turnover can cost your business millions.

Believe it or not, most residential tenants leave because of poor customer service. Voluntary churn can be as much as 10% of your monthly rental losses. By retaining your tenants you save rental losses, marketing dollars, leasing costs, and manpower. With ResiDesk Insights, you can identify which units need your attention faster.

ResiDesk Insights features include:

  • List of units with the highest and lowest probability of renewal
  • Which tenants create communication overhead, and why
  • Average communication response time for both tenant and staff
  • Trends in response time
  • Proprietary ResiDesk real-time unit churn risk score
Predictive Residential Churn Scoring

Identify the high risk units

Don't wait until your tenant has given notice or moved out. Use our proprietary satisfaction score to retain your best tenants by identifying them early and taking action!


No more secret shopping

Want to know how long it takes a prospect to get a response from your leasing team? Wonder no more with response time trends.

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Integrated with your PMS

ResiDesk Insights provides data not found in your property management system today. Learn how your early warning system can save you money.