Case Study

How CTM Apartment Services Improved Tenant Response Times and Increased Tenant Satisfaction

CTM Apartment Services processes thousands of communications per day through their property management teams that oversee over 8,000 units. Although they use an enterprise PMS, they required stronger messaging abilities to reach their tenants, particularly during emergencies. Their current option was too cumbersome to send bulk messaging that tenants would read and respond to.

With ResiDesk, CTM Apartment Services was able to:

  • Increase team response time to tenants and prospects by 24 times the normal rate
  • Reduce tenant and prospect response times down to 14 minutes
  • Significantly enhance their tenant satisfaction score 

With ResiDesk's platform, which integrates seamlessly to customer PMS solutions, CTM could take advantage of collaborative team communication tools and smart inboxes to accelerate conversations and issues resolution from days to minutes.

Download the case study to learn how ResiDesk took CTM down to a 14 minute response time!

Residesk CTM Case Study




Download the Case Study!